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Gravity Camp COVID Protocol 2021

Ahead of Session:

  • At-Home Symptom Screening: Review list of symptoms and do not to bring your child if they have any of them 

  • Campers must have a well-fitting mask that they have tested out ahead of time in physical activity


Check In:

  • Check that campers have a well-fitting mask

  • Daily temp check - ok if less than 100 deg F


During Activities:

  • Masks stay on - campers go outside for air/water breaks

  • If campers touch under their mask, or take a break to eat food, they must hand-sanitize/wash hands before returning to the activity

  • HEPA filters running in indoor spaces, and fans to keep air circulating



  • The Aerial Lab:

    • Campers are split between aerial/acrobatics, to reduce large numbers in a small space

    • In aerial, campers will mostly use only their own piece of equipment

    • At any change-over of campers, aerial equipment is sprayed down with Thymol (thyme-based, non-toxic anti-viral cleaner)

    • Aerial points are all 6ft apart from each other

    • HEPA filter and fans on at all times

    • In acrobatics, campers are encouraged to remain at least 3ft apart

    • Spotting will still occur, if necessary, due to safety, but spotting tools (belts etc) will be prioritized over close proximity of teacher

  • Gold Crush Climbing Gym:

    • Campers are spread out throughout the climbing area to maintain physical distancing as much as possible 

    • Wash hands before and after climbing and/or using the shared fitness equipment including the hangboard or campus board

    • Wear a face covering that fully covers your nose and mouth with a good seal 

    • Industrial HEPA filter running in the climbing area 

    • Windows and doors open at both ends of the gym with 2 large industrial fans on to create ample outdoor airflow throughout the gym 

    • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces 



  • Each group of 12 remains together for lunch, on 2 tables, 6-to-a-table, where they can be 3ft apart while eating

  • Masks are removed only while eating and outside

  • Food is bought from home, and is not shared amongst campers

  • Instructors will eat at the same time, but not at the camper tables


In-Case Of:

  • Fever or other symptoms:

    • Send camper home

    • Encourage family to get a rapid test - negative test required to return

    • No refunds for illness

    • Communicated to all parents of campers in that group that illness has occurred, and we will let them know if there is a positive case

    • Any siblings are also asked to stay home

    • No other campers need to go home, unless displaying COVID symptoms

  • Positive Case:

    • Entire pod group (of 12) and any siblings are sent home. A negative test is required to return to camp

    • 100% of tuition for the remainder of the days is returned pro-rated to all campers

    • Instructors remain masked around all campers, and don’t sit with them at lunch, so providing they do not show symptoms, they are still ok to work. They are only paid for sessions taught (possible reduction in pay with one less group)

    • Other pod groups, except siblings, remain unaffected

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