It'll be Monday morning of your session before you know it, and we'll be greeting our newest arrivals, so here's everything you need to know to be prepared for Gravity Camp...

Daily Schedule

This is an example, each group will have a different rotation within these activities.

8:30am            Drop-Off

8:45-10:30      Climbing

10:30-12:25     Aerial

12:25-12:55     Lunch

12:55-2:50      Tumbling

2:50-3pm        Pick-Up

Check-In on Monday

  • from 8:30-8:45am, in the parking lot at 124 Clydesdale Court, Grass Valley

  • You MUST bring your camper to us for check-in on the first day, please do not just drop them off

  • Waivers are required before participation. Here is a link (CLICK HERE) to download the form - you can either print it, or fill-and-sign on Adobe. Please try to do this before check-in morning - there's much happening on Monday mornings and if it's forgotten, your camper will not be able to participate in the activities until we receive it completed. Remember, we just need the back page, and it can be returned by email (, or text (530) 368-1647

Daily Check-In and Check-Out Procedures

  • After Monday, you can just drop your campers off in the morning. There is no need for you to check them in unless there is something you want to let us know

  • Each day, campers must be signed out by someone on their approved list. If a camper will not be picked up by a parent (names given to us on their registration form), please let us know this explicitly, either by phone or email ahead of time

  • Check out is between 2:45-3pm each day

  • Please do not be late for check-out. Our Gravity Camp staff leave after 3pm, some go on to teach other classes, and they are not available for additional supervision. We want to make sure your children are back safe with you before additional programming begins. If you are running late, please call (numbers below). Campers can be added to an additional class at The Aerial Lab each day if you require after-camp-care until 5pm. The cost for this is $20 per day. Please email us if you require this add-on!

What to Bring (Each Day)

  • A nourishing lunch and snacks. Campers will be burning through LOTS of calories at Gravity Camp! Please send them with enough protein and snacks to get them through the day. We will have a half-hour lunch break and at least two snack times throughout the day - don't underestimate how much they will eat! If there are known allergies within our group, we will inform all parents before the session begins (i.e. in the case of a peanut allergy, we ask that campers do not bring peanut snacks to camp)

  • A water bottle - they can fill it up in our studios, but they must have their own water bottle. Please label it with their names so that we can help to pair it to its owner if it gets lost :)

  • Clothing requirements and suggestions - wear tight, stretchy clothing that covers the armpits and the backs of knees. Socks are required when using the climbing gym's climbing shoes. Campers are welcome to bring their own climbing shoes and chalk bags, if they have them (not required)


  • We will follow CDC guidelines and our best judgement

  • If we have a positive case at camp everyone will mask and we will provide daily tests for the rest of the week.  

  • Currently, masks are strongly recommended but not required. Any campers who prefer to mask-up for camp will be supported in doing so

  • If masking, please make sure your camper has a comfortable, well-fitting mask.

  • Please keep your camper at home if they are sick and/or have a fever. We will call for them to be picked up if they are sick (temperature higher than 99.5 and any cold/flu-like symptoms included). We can also test them onsite with your approval.

  • All studios have HEPA-filters and fans to help with cleaning the air, and when cool enough (earlier in the day) we will be operating with open doors

  • There is plenty of hand-sanitizer available around the studios, and campers will be encouraged to use it (or wash their hands) when appropriate

  • Please let us know if you or your children have been exposed to COVID-19. The health and safety of all is of utmost importance to us

  • If your child has symptoms and/or has been exposed, we will require a negative rapid test for their participation

Fire Evacuation Protocol

Fire is an unfortunate reality in our area that we need to be prepared for. We have a very simple and effective plan for a fire that is local to us. Our evacuation zone is GRS-E222. Please read below and be prepared to assist us in an emergency:

  • If we are under an EVACUATION WARNING, we will call parents to pick up their campers. You should come to us, or send someone else to pick up your child immediately. If you send someone else, please call us to make sure they are on your approved pick-up list

  • If we are under a MANDATORY EVACUATION, we will evacuate immediately to one of our chosen locations (the closest and safest depending on fire location). This may be the Fairgrounds, the Rood Center or the CVS Parking Lot. We will immediately notify parents where we are evacuating to, and you can pick up your child from that location. DO NOT attempt to come to us in a mandatory evacuation, we need to work with the local fire crew to keep the roads as clear as possible.