level 1

No previous experience requirements, 6-15 years old.


Camp days will be full of fun and engaging activities as campers play with the vertical world of climbing and aerial arts, and tackle basic acrobatics skills. The focus in level 1 is to learn beginner skills, and have fun along the way. This is still a suitable session for young campers who have attended Gravity Camp before, and for campers who prefer to focus on play, movement and friendships.


level 2

Must be minimum 8 years old (ages 8-15).    


For students who have already attended Gravity Camp in the past and feel ready to advance to a more challenging program. In this level, campers can expect to tackle more demanding bouldering circuits, and participate in climbing-specific conditioning to improve their skills. In aerial, campers will be working mostly off the ground, exploring drops and fun sequences, and in acrobatics, they will be receiving spotting on back-walkovers, handstand walking, flips on the trampoline and other fun tumbling challenges! Campers will engage in problem solving as they progress through the days at camp. This advanced level camp offering will challenge both mind and body; we ask that campers are ready to show up with an excitement to learn, growth mindset, and positive participation each day. 


Whether or not your camper has attended Gravity Camp before, they should have the below skills as a base before signing up for this level. If signed up for an incorrect level, they will not receive the foundational training they will need to succeed in this more challenging program. If a camper does not meet the skills in the session, they will be moved into Level 1 and we will not be able to refund you the difference in fee. You can take classes at The Aerial Lab and attend Gold Crush Climbing Gym before the program if you wish to prepare your camper for this level!



  • Can climb a silk to the top with a French climb

  • Knows single and double foot locks on silks

  • Can invert (turn upside down) on a silk, lyra and trapeze without struggle and with no spotting or support



    Can do…

  • Forward somersault

  • Backwards roll or shoulder rolls

  • Handstand (away from the wall) and come down safety

  • Cartwheel on both sides



  • Positive mindset to take on challenges, problem solve and engage in the process of failure, reflection and creating action steps for growth in climbing 

  • Ability to do 3 consecutive pull ups with good form 


Optional for Climbing (not required): 

  • Consistently attends Kids Crush classes 

  • Part of the Gold Crush Youth Team 

  • Outdoor climbing experience 

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